NGO introduces 1st Solar-Bubble-Dryer to Nigerian farmers


By ibrahima yakubu

A Nigerian renewable NGO has introduced the first Solar-Bubble-Dryer to farmers to reduce post-harvest and loss.

A non-government organization, ‘Developmental Association for Renewable Energies’ (D.A.R.E.), has introduced the first Solar-Bubble-Dryer for Nigerian farmers with the aim of reducing the huge loss of farm produce they usually encountered.

The NGO’s director, Engineer Yahaya Ahmed, told journalists at the center that the reason for introducing this machine is to help the farmer to reduce the loss of food crops and other cash crops they usually produce.

According to him, the Solar Bubble Dryer (SBD) is the latest low-cost drying technology developed, which can help rural and urban farmers tackle the problems of post-harvest and loss in Nigeria.

He said, the machine will be useful for drying tomato, mango, apple, and all crops, and the taste would remain as it is like fresh farm crops.
He added also that, the SBD is mobile and completely independent from fuel or the power grid and, therefore, has very low operating cost.

He note that the equipment can last for over 20 years, if properly used and maintained in a good manner.

Yahaya also pointed that the model comes in different sizes, with current models having 0.5 and 1t batch capacity, which can help local farmers generate money and save them from annually loss and damages of their farm crops.

He said “It can be used for drying grains and crops and other farm produce. It is the cheapest and the best way to preserve all farm products in Nigeria,” and appealed to all Nigerian farmers to embrace the initiative.

Similarly, a science climatologist, Dr Piman Hoffman, from African Climate Reporters, applauded the effort of the NGO for dedicating its time towards making life better for Nigerian farmers.

Hoffman thanked the renewable energy NGO for bringing such an initiative to Nigeria, which is capable of enhancing agricultural activities in the entire 36 states of the country.

While he equally called on both federal and state governments to support the initiative, he encouraged local farmers to acquire skills on maintenance of the machine


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