Recycling firm turning plastic to useful domestic materials in Kaduna.


By ibrahima yakubu

The Chairman, Shehu Plastic & Company Nigeria, Alhaji Shehu Usman, says the Company had transformed many Kaduna Street waste to useful domestic materials through recycling.

Usman said this when African Climate Reporters paid a courtesy visit to the recycling plant in Kaduna, Kaduna State.

”This is one of the biggest recycling plants in the North where plastic bottles, rubber and other waste materials are collected and transformed to various domestic uses.

”We buy these plastic bottles, rubbers and other waste materials from scavengers and waste commercial sellers and transform them to various uses.

”The machines grind the waste materials into pieces, after which we take the pieces to where they design new products.
”The pieces are turned into buckets, cups, rubber kettles and basins which can be used for domestic purposes and even in the gardens,” he said.

Shehu said that the company transformed about five tonnes of plastic rubber waste to useful domestic materials monthly, adding that the finished products were sold in Kaduna and other parts of the country.

He said that waste recycling helped in “conserving natural resources, save the environment from pollution and other environmental challenges.”

Dr Piman Hoffman, the Director African Climate Reporters, said that the Federal Government should encourage more recycling companies across the country.

He said that these would help in tackling waste causing various diseases and other environmental challenges in the society.
According to him, the economy also benefits from recycling as it reduces the cost to clear dump sites.

He stated that government could save additional millions of naira when such dump sites were reserved for other revenue generating purposes.

Hoffman said that there was need to support recycling companies financially, adding that residents could also benefit by selling recycling materials to cover the cost of disposing waste.


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