Climate change;Nigerian youth embarks on gathering flowering plants species to saves them from becoming extinct.


By ibrahima yakubu
A Climate change expert and a young Nigerian horticulturist has embarks on the project of collecting and gathering various species of flowering plants across the country for re-planting, with a view to save them from Going extinctions.

He said that Climate change has killed millions of plants and aquatic animals across the globe as a result of human irrational activities of polluting the environment through many various ways.

The horticulturist and General Manager of Teku international farm, Ibrahim salisu, during an interview with the journalists pointed out that large number of flower species that are very important to insects ,birds, human being and other animals are going to extinction, hence the need to start saving them.

According to him, hundreds of plants and flower species have gone due to issues related to Climate change, deforestation, environmental degradation and other forms of human activities affecting the environment.

According to him, insects such as Bees, butterfly among others play a significant role in food production, and medicine to human being and the survival of other living organism in an environment .

He said, an estimate of over 1 million species are currently at risk due to human irrational activities of cutting down trees and polluting the environment.

“That your grandchildren will grow up in a world without many of the eagles, lions, butterflies, tigers and myriads of other species that we take for granted is tragic, but, more importantly, the economic consequences.

He said, human activity could spell end for a quarter of all flowering plants, with huge impact on food chain. “The biggest advantage is that flowers offer completely natural medicinal properties, but large number are going into extinction due to ecological challenges.

“The essence of gathering the flowers is aim at protecting and preserving them for next younger generation.

“The project is expected to gathered millions of plants and flowers species in kaduna, he said, adding that, flowers are true symbols of love, and thus, are the perfect gift to give to your love ones on special occasions.

“Some of the species we are losing provide us with essential and irreplaceable services. About one-third of our food comes from plants that need pollination, by birds or insects.

Similarly, a science –climatologist from African climate reporter Dr. piman Hoffman, said Plants form the basis of our environment as they release oxygen into theatmosphere and use sunlight, carbon dioxide and minerals to produce food.

“You can give flowers to anyone on almost every occasion because they are everyone’s favourite. Whether you can wish your friend a happy birthday or honour your mother on Mother’s Day”, he noted.

He therefore called on the public to visit the center located at unguwar sarki kaduna, where they will start collecting the species from the public for the benefit of younger generation.

“People and the rest of the living world depend upon this oxygenand food to survive. He then called on every individuals to support in planting plants to save the community against all forms of environmental degradation”, he said, calling on authourity to equally support NGO and CSO in raising more campaigns against environmental pollution.

He appealed to the public to embrace renewable energy in order to reducing using charcoal and firewood for Cooking, so as to save the forestry against going extinctions due to continues cutting down of trees for domestic consumption.


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