Despite spread of covid-19 pandemic ,embattled Nigerian science- journalist visit local communities for report .


    By Ramatu Diallo,

    As the global Corona-virus pandemic keep on claiming lives and infecting millions of people across the planet, Journalists across the globe face unprecedented challenges to report the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak accurately and safely due to so many environmental factors that is responsible for carrying out their duties effectively ,as many get scared of reporting about the issue completely.

    But despite the threat of the pandemic , A kaduna based journalist ibrahima yakubu usually mobilizes his team of developmental journalists toward visiting rural areas every month ,with the aims of interviewing dwellers on covid 19 awareness , and how both rural and urban settlers respond to Nigeria center for disease control regulation on various preventive ways against the spread of the Virus .

    As journalist what he usually uses every day when going out for news hunting to protect himself is a locally made facemask to cover his face and the microphone ,and then meet with various group of people in different communities for interviews on issues related to health, economic, education, agriculture and insecurity matters amidst of the pandemic.

    In his research that was published in many news paper across the country which was translated in many local languages , it shows clearly that the lockdown has enabled marital couples settle their domestic problems and make them team-up together to restore back peace and happiness in their marital homes.

    One great thing about him is visiting the region ,meet with families to see how family stay with kids during the pandemic
    it clearly shows that apart from increase in domestic violence, there is also a good story to tell about the relationship of married couples teeming up together to help the family amidst the CoronaVirus pandemic.

    According to his finding , the lockdown has helped many married couple settle their differences and grievances between husbands and wives and returned the missing peace back to their homes.

    The lockdown has managed to brimg husbands and wives not just physically.but also emotionally closer to sthrenthening their family relationship and how to be helping each other even after the corona virus pandemic.

    He visit Non-governmental organization with civil society organization and other national volunteer groups on Covid 19 to report on their daily activities to many media houses through multiple languages , while equally supervising how states and federal Government with philanthropists share all the palliatives to their citizens, which is aimed at making the masses obey total lockdown rule and regulation by the federal Government of the country.

    The journalist use to meet and interview many recovered Covid 19 patients in many places to share their experience ,as he carried out many assignment which focus on delivering life-saving traditional Vaccine during the covid 19 pandemic.

    Participating in training people living with disability on covid 19, is one of the major role he play toward drawing the attention of Doctors and other stake holders on the need to sensitizes people with different kind of deformities across the 23 local government of kaduna state north western Nigeria.

    He spend more time, following Volunteer Organization on how facemask, sanitizers and handglobes were shared to the poor and vulnerable ,so as to protect them against the spread of the virus in their local areas.

    It is really unbelievable seeing a journalist visiting orphanage home, Internally displace persons and street beggars for an interview during the pandemic like this, but he spend more time moving from one place to another in search of Covid 19 news in the rural and urban area across the state.

    Kaduna state has the population of Ten million people,but he is very popular among other journalists in the entire 19 northern states of Nigeria due to the kind of risk he toke in practicing real journalism.

    While many media houses are afraid of going to medical clinics and hospital to observed situation of sick patients due to doctors strike, he toke his time, going from one hospital to another with the aims of reporting on the critical situation most sick patient find them selves due to absents of medical doctors to look at them.

    Meeting Traditional healers is also another great role he play toward knowing how patients perjuries them for cure of the disease.


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