Environmental Activist urged Nigerians to Plants enough trees this year, to stop climate change & Desertification affecting Human, Animal & plants


As part of effort in sensitizing and raising awareness to the public on the dangers associated with global warming, and other related issues concerning the environmental factors that is affecting Human, animals and plants in the society.

The founder foundation for the protection of women and children in Nigeria comrade Ramatu Tijjani has embarked on a campaign to school, markets, places of worshiped ,football Fitch, which is aims at drawing the attention of citizens on the importance of planting more trees in their communities.

On the other hand ,she appealed to Nigerians, Government at all levels, stake holders, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment to immensely double-up effort in creating awareness ,for the sole purpose of planting enough trees this years, so as to fight against increasing global warming, desertification and deforestation affecting the country.

According to her, Without the trees, we cannot breath! Through the photosynthesis process, trees take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out oxygen which supports our breathing. All living creatures need oxygen to survive and because the trees play an impressive role of availing oxygen, it is imperative to plant a tree today for a sustainable future

Nigerian forestry is in a great danger ,due to the increasing demand of forest trees for domestic used ,and hence the need to start rising awareness to citizens ,so that they can also give their own contribution in the daily battle against falling-down of forest trees without planting new once to re-place the old once.
In a research conducted by African climate reporters last year, Millions of forest trees were cut-down by commercial firewood business men for sale ,which been used for domestic use, while the continuous demand for charcoal for domestic use also is becoming a big threat to the existence of Nigerian forestry.
She said , Trees provide woodland habitats for a wide array of plants, flowers, birds, mammals and insects. Without these vital habitats and the means to propagate and pollinate, many more of our valuable plants and wildlife would suffer as a direct consequence. By planting trees you can make a very real contribution to the environment and take a positive step toward offsetting your company’s carbon footprint.

The continuous falling down of forest trees in gradually turning the northern region into Sahara,
Trees are important land covers and reduce the speed of storm water runoff. Trees can thus help in reducing the risks of flooding because it lessens the speed of water flow from the hills and mountains into streams and rivers. It also helps the earth to absorb the water and release it steadily or store it for future use.
Adding that Tree planting activities have always provided an opportunity for diverse groups in the community to share events and improve the quality of the surrounding environment. During such occasions, all ages, genders and cultures usually play a vital role to plant a tree thereby rewarding the environment.

She pointed out that, there is the need to educate little children living in the community on how to support the fight against climate change and other environmental problems disturbing the society

This campaign is design to educate, enlighten and raise awareness in the Ghettos/slums on the dangers of cutting down forest trees for domestic used.

Forests throughout the world contain around 45% of the global stock of carbon. With the massive deforestations that continue throughout the world, our planet is struggling to cope with the increase of carbon dioxide polluting our atmosphere.

She added that, there is the need by both federal and state government to introduce a tougher punishment for people that are cutting down forestry trees but then she advice the government to find means of introducing new renewable energies, so as to enables the poor to have access of acquire the new technology for their domestic uses

Musa sani is one of the youth leader in kaduna north community that attended one of the campaign in his community .he thank the organizers for coming to their community to sensitize his people on dangers of global warming, deforestation and desertification
He then concluded by calling on Non-governmental organization NGO and other civil societies organization CSO that are fighting against environmental problems, to immensely double more effort in organizing more educative campaign in both rural and urban cities across the 36 state of Nigeria


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