Health implication of Burning Plastic in our Ghettos/communities and how it affect Human&Animals


The most dangerous health effect of burning plastic is the release of dioxin into the atmosphere. Dioxins are extremely toxic to humans and animals and as such burning plastic pollute the environment with so many notorious air for respiration ,there by triggering climatic factors

in a research conducted by team of Climatologists under African Climate reporters ,its reveals that 80% of trash from plastic bags and bottles in Africa were usually burnt,this is due to lack of recycling companies , and lack of support from Government to encourage the existence of private companies

The burning of plastic bags releases chemicals into the air that we all breathe, causing serious lung damage and contributing to other long-term health problems. For people with lung diseases such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, even a single exposure to this type of smoke can worsen their disease. This can result in hospitalization, increased use of expensive medications and absences from school or work

Believe me or not ,as a result of Burning down plastics in our environment there are so many problems that are bordering the communities, and these are problems associated with health challenges in our communities due to our attitudes

Indeed , burning polystyrene such as styrofoam cups, plates and food trays releases styrene gas. This dangerous gas can be easily absorbed through the lungs and even the skin. Overexposure to styrene gas disrupts the central nervous system causing headaches, fatigue, weakness and depression.
Toxins are sent up into the air from burning plastic waste in a barrel. Eventually what goes up must come down over short or long distances.
Dangerous pollutants like mercury, PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins and furans enter the soil or water where they can remain for years.Over time, the toxins accumulate in food crops, animals and fish that people eat. Wildlife is also endangered by these toxins resulting from buring plastic.

Burning plastic is one of the most serious environmental disasters affecting our health. Fortunately it is a problem that has simple solutions. If we really care about our health and the well being of our environment, we will help stop the burning of plastic.

After all, the only way to avoid being part of the problem, is to be part of the solution. Joining together in our efforts, we can make a difference.

Also there is the problems of Aldehydes,This is a animal carcinogen. Causes eye and respiratory illness and headaches

In conclusion,it is worth emphasizing that open uncontrolled burning is by no means an environmentally sound option to dispose of waste plastics including waste agricultural plasticssuch as discarded grain storage bags. Other environmentally sound options must be explored for their safe disposal and/or recycling
It must be noted that Burning plastic in our communities contribute to many factors leading to the damages of the kidneys and liver among youth due to respiration of air

African Climate reporters calls for more awareness to save the environment from all forms of environmental pollution


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