African Climate reporters Visit A.B.U Mini-oil-refinary which produces 1-barrel-per-day


As part of  effort of the  team Visitation to strengthening its capacity in all African continent on climate , environmental and energy related issues, African Climate reporters has visited the Department of Chemical Engineering of  Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, to see the mini refinery which the department has constructed  some years that produces one barrel of crude oil per day.

In a short  interview with  The team leader of the project, Professor Ibrahim Ali Muhammad Dabo ,he pointed out clearly that ,the essence of the project is for the training of the  students at the department ,so as to enabled them familiarize themselves with the system ,in other to make them competence .

Professor Ibrahim also added that “this is our practical ground, and our student enjoyed coming for the practical

According to him, millions of naira were used for the construction of the mini-refinary at the school ,which produces 1-barrel par –day


its a clear fact that such a min-refinery always attract the attention of visitors because of its beauty ,




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