Every year ,Millions of Plastic bottled & Plastic Bags were Dumped into African River, there-by causing serious threat to Aquatics Animals


It is a clear fact that any un recycled Plastic bottle or plastic bag  is an environmental, economic, human health and aesthetic problem because It poses a complex and multi-dimensional challenge with significant implications for the marine and coastal environment and human activities all over the world.

Every year, millions  and millions of both plastic bottled and plastic bags were dump into the local streams and River before heading to the sea or ocean,

These impacts are both cultural and multi-sectoral, rooted primarily in poor practices of solid waste management, a lack of infrastructure, various human activities, an inadequate understanding on the part of the public of the potential consequences of their actions, the lack of adequate  legal and enforcement systems and a lack of financial resources.

These always lead to the dead of many Aquatic animals, while other animals has migrate to another  clean water for  their safety ,and for the protection of their next generation

Research has shown that , every year ,plastic bottle  results in tremendous economic costs and losses to individuals and communities around the world.

It can spoil, foul and destroy the beauty of the ocean and the coastal zone Damage to people, property and livelihoods caused by marine litter can be grouped into a number of general categories. These include damage to fisheries, fishing boats and gear; damage to cooling-water  intakes and blocking water-flow in power stations and desalination plants; contamination of beaches (requiring cleaning and removal operations and beach closures for public health reasons); contamination of commercial harbours and marinas (resulting in cleaning and removal operations); and contamination of coastal grazing land, causing injury to livestock.

The plastic bottle industry is creating a major environmental problem which is unprecedented in public litter problems, except for possibly the plastic bag.  Some organizations have come to understand what problems plastic drink bottles are really causing.

The daily dumping of plastic waste to most African River or stream has contributed to the death of many Aquatic animals and as such it contributed in making the sea or River looks unattractive

Many environmentalist and climatologist in the region  has been suggesting various ways to tackled this ménage, but it seem like African Government  and other Non governmental organization are not really interested into bringing out various ways to sensitize the public on the dangers of dumping all sort of trash to the River or any near by stream

Plastic drink bottles are one of the largest plastic litter issues.  Relative to drinking straws, and grocery store plastic bags, bottles are quite large and they do not readily compact down.  They stand out from tens of meters away.  This makes them a particularly unsightly item to be seen on the side of the road, in water ways and on beaches

Also ,Problems with propeller fouling, blocked engine intake pipes and damaged drive shafts have also been attributed to marine litter. Marine litter-related damage to people also includes safety risks at sea

it must be noted that any recycled  plastic bottle that is found on the sea or River moving on the water  is a global concern affecting all the oceans of the world.

It poses environmental, economic, health and aesthetic problems that are rooted in poor solid waste management practices, lack of infrastructure, indiscriminate human activities and behaviors and an inadequate understanding on the part of the public of the potential consequences of their actions.

Among the solution made by African environmental expert include the use of  bottled refumed scheme , which encourage  Recycling bottles into new bottles once ,in other to  avoids using new raw materials to make the new bottles and also to Reduce  the number of drink bottles from household waste ,to reduces the local council’s pick up and disposal cost of trash.

There is need to protect African River/sea against all forms of threat that could be harmful to the aquatic animals



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